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A Cross-layer Energy Control Strategy for Indoor Wireless Meter Reading Systems
Yibo Ai, Shangyu Huang, Wanying Zhang and Weidong Zhang

The wireless sensor networks can reduce time and cost in automatic meter reading systems. This study proposes a cross-layer energy control strategy for an indoor environment, including a network layer and link layer. The network layer employs the S-EBACR (Section-Energy-balanced Adaptive Clustering Routing) algorithm to avoid the energy hole problem and improve the regional energy consumption balance. In the link layer, the new-link quality estimation method defines a d-parameter method and establishes an adaptive transmission power adjustment strategy considering the actual transmission intensity classification. The corresponding simulation energy consumption calculating algorithm and the d-parameter dynamic change model confirm the effectiveness of the d-parameter based adaptive transmission power adjustment. The proposed cross-layer energy control strategy utilizes the S-EBACR networking topology algorithm for the network layer and the adaptive control strategy of the d-parameter transmission signal strength for the link layer. Simulation in the real three-dimensional environment confirms the efficiency of this energy control strategy.

Keywords: Wireless sensor networks; network topology; meter reading; link quality estimation; energy control; EBACR algorithm

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DOI: 10.32908/ahswn.v53.7965