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An IoT Based User Authenticated Soil Monitoring System
Varun Shukla, Shivani Dixit and Prem Dixit

Internet of Things (IoT) is a buzz word today. IoT based sensors can be applied in variety of applications and various data sets can be obtained. IoT based systems are designed for customized applications but these systems must have a reliable authentication method so that only intended or legitimate users can have the access to the data. So in context of this, in this paper, an IoT based user authenticated soil monitoring system is presented. The hardware module is capable enough to provide various soil data sets and it can be stored in a server. The proposed system enjoys several benefits such as cost effectiveness, identification of soil type with graphical representation of associated parameters. The system is designed in such a way so that only legitimate users (who have credentials to access) can access to the generated dataset and hence authentication as a cryptographic goal can be achieved as it was not provided by existing systems.

Keywords: Authentication, Cryptography, DHT (Digital Humidity and Temperature) 11 Sensor IoT (Internet of Things), Sensors, Soil Monitoring (SM)

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DOI: 10.32908/ahswn.v53.9453