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Mitigation of E2E Delay in LF-IEHM Routing Protocol for Underwater Acoustic Wireless Sensor Networks
K. Divya, R. Maheswar and P. Jayarajan

Underwater Wireless Acoustic Sensor Networks is renowned for its profusion applications. As we know our planet is covered one third by water resources, many new developments are very essential in order to use the resource in an effective and efficient manner. Acoustic waves are chosen for communication because of its magnificent properties like long range links, low absorption, less distortion and attenuation and lot more. Although it has whip hand over it faces innumerable challenges namely long and variable propagation delay, high bit errors and temporary loss of connectivity, etc. These hurdles affect the networks reliability and lifetime since they are the major credentials that are essential for the applications in underwater networks. It is requisite to design routing protocols in coping up with the required needs in underwater environment. A Mitigation of End-to-End Delay in LF-IEHM Routing Protocol (M-LFIEHM) is put forward in which the forwarder node selection is based on the pressure level and residual energy of the node that is used to minimize the end to end delay and energy consumption of the node. The Simulation results are taken out accordingly and we obtain a percentage of delay reduced for about 23% in our proposed protocol.

Keywords: end-to-end delay, energy consumption, forwarder node, residual energy, network lifetime

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DOI: 10.32908/ahswn.v53.9065