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A Cluster-Based Energy-Aware Routing Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks
Zahra Shirmohammadi, Mojtaba Farmani, Mina Mohseni and Nezam Rohbani

In Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs), sensor nodes have serious limitations in available energy. As the packet relaying consumes a large portion of accessible energy, therefore energy-efficient packet routing is important and energy management is a key factor for long-lived WSNs. In cluster-based routing algorithms, selecting Cluster Head (CH) plays an important role in prolonging the network life. The focus of this paper is on reducing the power consumption of WSNs. To reach this aim, we propose a communication protocol named Deviation-based Bipartite (DB). The main idea of the proposed protocol is that, unlike other state-of-the-art schemes, it uses the location and the residual energy of nodes in the process of cluster head selection. This algorithm divides the the whole field into two unequal parts based on the Deviation of nodes distances to the BS and in the time of CH selection, treat the nodes of each part, by using threshold functions for each part. Our simulations show that the proposed scheme outperforms LEACH in terms of state-of-the-art mechanisms in the terms of the network lifetime.

Keywords: Energy Efficiency, Reliability, Routing Algorithm, Wireless Sensor Network

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DOI: 10.32908/ahswn.v53.8249