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Toward an Extreme Low-Power, Edge-Based Lora Node for Monitoring/Anomaly Detection
Mehrdad Babazadeh

Implementing an edge-based Long Range LoRa network, this paper performs an experimental analysis of the power consumption of the sensor nodes. It is a known fact that besides the low power consumption, the low bit rate of LoRa inhibits the high bandwidth utilization for monitoring/anomaly detection systems. This gap motivated the development of an edge-based approach in the early stage of the present research on the Intel Curie Arduino/Genuino 101. Implementation on two other ARM-based System-on-Chips took advantage of the Ultra-Low power technology to minimize the power usage in a unique edge-based, durable LoRa network. With the mentioned platforms, power-related aspects have been addressed on the sensor-side software and hardware in a node-to-node scheme to discover further power-saving opportunities. The experimental results verify an extreme power saving up to 98% in a new practical edge-based LoRa node.

Keywords: Edge computing; Internet-of-Things; LoRa; Power consumption; STM32L

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DOI: 10.32908/ahswn.v54.8525