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Host-based Detection and Prevention of Black Hole Attacks by AODV-ICCSO Algorithm for Security in MANETs
P. Sathyaraj, S. Rukmani Devi and K. Kannan

Among different categories of attacks that can affect MANETs (Mobile Adhoc Networks), a black hole attack is considered the most commonly occurring one within a MANET that deprives the performance and reliability of network by dropping all the incoming packets through malicious node. Due to such negative impacts of black hole attack, the present study aims to detect and prevent this attack through the proposed system. The chicken Swarm Optimization (CSO) algorithm is one of the techniques used for the detection of black hole attacks occurring in the MANETs. But the CSO algorithm possesses some disadvantages and the necessity rises for overcoming the weakness in the CSO algorithm. Therefore, in this research paper, to address the black hole attack in MANET, an Improved Crossover Chicken Swarm Optimization (ICCSO) algorithm and the concept of Enhanced Partially-Mapped Crossover operation are proposed and the best fitness values obtained. In the ICCSO algorithm, parameter initialization is carried out in step 1 of the algorithm, where the attacked nodes and non-attack nodes are created separately with the aid of parameters like PDR (i.e.) Packet Delivery Ratio and RSSI (i.e.) Received Signal Strength Indicator. Routing is carried by a protocol of AODV (Adhoc On-demand Distance Vector). The effectiveness of the algorithm proposed in the work is evaluated using various performance measures like packet delivery ratio (PDR), end-to-end delay (EED), and throughput. Further, comparison is undertaken with five traditional studies to confirm the effective performance of the proposed system than conventional studies. Results confirmed its efficient performance.

Keywords: MANET, Elastic property, Black hole, Improved Crossover Chicken Swarm Optimization (ICCSO), Enhanced Partially-Mapped Crossover operation

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DOI: 10.32908/ahswn.v55.9475