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Link Repair for Actual Environment-Oriented in Underwater Wireless Optical Communication Sensor Networks
Haoran Qin and Zhibin Xie

Underwater wireless sensor network is an important part of the future large-scale internet of things (IoT). In this paper, we consider an optical communication link repair problem where the established topology of the network is damaged by complex underwater situations. In order to reconstruct the effective underwater optical communication link, this paper uses mobile relay to realize cooperative transmission. To realize effective communication, the bit error rate of the mixture EGG model is used as a cooperative transmission index, and the mobile energy consumption of the mobile relay node is taken into consideration. By optimizing deployment and coverage, the proposed algorithm can minimize the mobile energy consumption and guarantee the expected BER on the premise of solving the link failure problem. The simulation results show that the relay cooperative routing algorithm for reconstructing the communication link effectively, and present the attention terms for different deployment environments.

Keywords: Underwater wireless sensor network, Underwater wireless optical communication, link repair, routing algorithm, cooperative transmission, mobile relay

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DOI: 10.32908/ahswn.v55.9583