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An Enhanced Clustering Method for Optimal Energy Utilization and Improved Network Lifetime in IoT Based WSN
K. Gowsic, K. Muthumanickam, A. Arthi and M. Saravanan

The Internet of Things (IoT) is likely to impact the daily activities of people in many ways; from small items to large manufacturing products, including all kinds of processes. A Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) forms part of the topology of the IoT and is the basis of numerous IoT appliances like surveillance, defence technology, remote monitoring, and others. It is advantageous to replace nodes having low power during data transmission in WSNs, especially when deploying such nodes in a secluded area in which energy utilization becomes the crucial factor. Existing solutions that addressed this issue focused on selecting the head node of a cluster based on remaining energy, node density, and network type. A novel fuzzy-based scheme is proposed in this article to group heterogeneous sensor nodes in different clusters and then select the cluster head with the aim of improving the lifetime of the underlying WSN. Besides, many factors, like the density of power-constrained nodes and the distance from a node to its associated base station, are also considered when picking the right cluster head. Simulation experimental outcomes have confirmed that our proposed novel clustering proposal can work effectively in WSNs and improve their lifetime to a certain extent.

Keywords: WSN, IoT, Energy Utilization, Clustering, Routing

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DOI: 10.32908/ahswn.v55.10023