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Interference Limited Area based Resource Allocation for Device-to-Device Communication in an Underlaying Cellular Network
Naved Alam, Shabana Mehfuz, Haneef Khan and Shams Tabrez Siddiqui

LTE-Advanced is an integral part of the 3 rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) Release 12 onwards technologies, in which the high speed mobile services and number of smart phone users have been increased drastically. The increase in the demand of high data rate has placed huge traffic load at the base stations. In 5th generation the Device to Device (D2D) communication is the most promising technology which offload the data traffic from the conventional cellular networks. It provides an increase in system throughput, spectral efficiency and reduces the overall transmitted power. However there is an issue of interference between D2D and cellular users, as they are using the same frequency slot called resource block (RB) in sharing mode. In this paper we have proposed a scheme to maximize the sum rate and throughput of the system and minimize the co-tier interference that occurs between cellular and D2D users. In proposed scheme we have designed interference limited area (ILA) based algorithm for the resource allocation to the D2D and cellular users. The ILA provides a spatial separation of the interference aggressor and victim. The proposed algorithm has been simulated and the simulation results have been compared with other conventional scheme. The maximum achievable sum rate using proposed scheme ILA with RA is 30 bps/Hz, and as the number of active D2D users increased to 50 the sum rate is maintained to a value of 25 bps/Hz. The maximum achievable throughput of the system is obtained near about 0.9 when the number of active D2D users is taken 50. It shows the improved sum rate and throughput. We have also analyzed the computational complexity and the degree of convergence of proposed algorithm.

Keywords: Device to Device Communication, ILA, Interference, Resource Allocation, Sum Rate, Throughput

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