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Multimedia Data Transmission in MANETs Using the ACO-GWO based AOMDV Protocol
Anita R. Patil and Gautam M. Borkar

A Mobile ad-hoc network (MANET) is highly efficient to provide network services. Due to the dynamic behavior of the network, routing protocols have some design issues that affect network performance. The proposed work is based on optimal route finding and detects a link failure to maintain the route between a source and destination node for multimedia file transmission. While transmitting multimedia file, malicious node try to breach network and affect routing operations. To address this issue secure routing is introduced as Public Key Selective Encryption (PKSE) algorithm. To obtain a global convergence in the network and optimised performance of secure Ad-hoc on Demand Multi-path Distance Vector (AOMDV) algorithm, Grey Wolf Optimization (GWO) algorithm is used. The next hop node is selected using the suggested Op-PKSEA algorithm based on characteristics such as delay, number packets forwarded, and network quality. These metrics are used to calculate the probability of choosing the neighbour node. The hunter and prey nodes are determined by the next hop probability for establishing multiple paths, from which the most efficient path is selected for transmission. During multimedia file transmission, Op-PKSEA algorithm gives good Quality of Service(QoS) performance such as throughput 30%, packet delivery 15% increases and minimize channel load up to 18% and end to end delay reduced up to 20ms, Latency of network is decreases up to 10%.

Keywords: AOMDV, Op-PKSEA, Selective Encryption, AODV, ACO, ElGamal algorithm, Grey Wolf Optimization

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