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Optimal Key Management for Secure D2D Communication in IOT Environment
Lalit Kumar and Pradeep Kumar

A novel technology named Internet of Things aims to connect all common objects. How to secure D2D communication is one of the main problems preventing its development. Particularly, Key Management (KM) is among the most challenging security issues. The difficulty is caused by the lack of resources in the vast majority of IoT devices. Although several methods were created, most of them do not account for the dynamic nature of IoT. As the network evolves, other systems depend on a centralized entity to distribute new keys. Here, we have developed a secured model that has four working phases, which were described below. (1) Network Generation: In the first phase, the network is generated. (2) D2D Communication: In this second phase, for Device to Device (D2D) communication, it is important to select which devices to be connected. Thereby, there is a need for an essential path among them. This will be done optimally (optimal path identification), by the Chaotic Map Upgraded COOT optimization (CMU-CO). Here, the optimal path is chosen based on distance, mobility and delay. Encryption between nodes (Devices): Improved Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) is used in this phase for secure communication, thereby, the data transmission become more secure. In this approach, the key generation takes place optimally by the new CMUCO. Decryption: In this final phase, the original data are retrieved by decrypting it.

Keywords: Internet of Things, Optimal path, Mobility, Improved ECC, CMU-COptimization

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