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MoDT: Interest Forwarding in Named Data Networking based Vehicular Ad hoc Networks by Predicting the Mobility using Direction and Timer
Padma Devi S and Dhanalakshmi K

Vehicular Ad hoc Networks (VANET) play a vital role in building Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). Since VANET is highly dynamic, it’s very difficult to implement an IP-based communication system for ITS. Named Data Networking (NDN) is an alternative to IP-based networking applications. In this case, content is retrieved based on its name rather than its IP address. The proposed system focuses primarily on the interest-forwarding strategy for content retrieval. Since traditional NDN uses blind flooding to broadcast the interest, it causes a broadcast storm. Many different techniques, such as location-based, scheduling-based, priority-based, and clustering-based NDN have been proposed to control the broadcast storm problem. The proposed scheme is a Mobility Prediction using Direction and Timer for Interest Forwarding strategy for Named Data Networking (MoDT-NDN) that selects only a tiny proportion of forwarders based on Link Availability Time and Direction. MoDT-NDN is compared to Classic NDN and RA-NDN strategies. The results show that MoDT-NDN outperforms both classic NDN and RA-NDN.

Keywords: Named data networking, Content centric networking, Flooding, Broadcast storm problem, Interest forwarding strategy, Location-based forwarding

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