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A Sensor Network Protocol for Automatic Meter Reading in an Apartment Building
Naoki Wakamiya, Tetsuya Kawai, Masayuki Murata, KentaroYanagihara, Masanori Nozaki and Shigeru Fukunaga

A wireless sensor network for automatic meter reading needs to satisfy two contradicting requirements, i.e. long lifetime and prompt detection and notification of emergency. We propose a sensor network protocol for this purpose, in which sensor nodes operate on a low duty cycle while the latency of transmission is guaranteed to be less than a certain bound. In this protocol, each node is assigned a time slot in which it receives messages from other nodes. To accomplish slot assignment where nodes further from a BS are assigned earlier time slots for a packet to be transmitted to the BS in one cycle, we propose a slot assignment function with which a node can determine its own slot in a distributed way. We explore several slot assignment functions to find one which gives low and homogeneous contention over a grid network. The simulation results show that our protocol performs well close to the optimal case.

Keywords: Sensor networks, sleep schedule, automatic meter reading, latency, urgent information

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