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Introduction to the Special Issue on Sensor Technologies and Applications
Jaime Lloret and Petre Dini

Sensors and sensor networks have become a highly active research area because of their potential of providing diverse services to broad range of applications, not only on science and engineering, but equally importantly on issues related to critical infrastructure protection and security, health care, the environment, energy, food safety, and the potential impact on the quality of all areas of life. There is a great variety of topics and scientific areas related with sensors. The First International Conference on Sensor Technologies and Applications, SENSORCOMM 2007, organized by IARIA (www.iaria.org), appeared to become a primary reference on all research topics related with sensors. It has covered the following subjects:

  • •Architectures, protocols and algorithms of sensor networks
  • Energy, management and control of sensor networks
  • Resource allocation, services, QoS and fault tolerance in sensor networks
  • Performance, simulation and modelling of sensor networks
  • Security and monitoring of sensor networks
  • Sensor circuits and sensor devices
  • Radio issues in wireless sensor networks
  • Software, applications and programming of sensor networks
  • Data allocation and information in sensor networks
  • Deployments and implementations of sensor networks

This issue contains extended versions of seven selected papers, after a peer review process, of the best papers presented to the conference covering a wide range of topics. Some of them present research and practical results, specific proposals, while others address particular key problems and solutions.

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