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On Effect of Compromised Nodes on Security of Wireless Sensor Network
Parichoy Pal Choudhury, Pramita Bagchi, Sebanti Sengupta and Anurag Ghosh

For secure communications in wireless sensor network in adversarial conditions, one way is providing keys to sensor nodes before deployment. Two sensor nodes can communicate provided they have at least one key in common or there is a path between the two nodes where each pair of neighboring nodes on this path has at least one key in common. However node compromise poses severe security threats in sensor networks. Here we have considered dual BIBD design for the distribution of the keys such that any pair of sensors has exactly one key in common. In this scenario we study the probability of disconnection when a number of nodes, not more than the replication number of the keys are compromised and the resulting status of the network in terms of its resiliency properties.

Keywords: Combinatorial design, connectivity, resiliency, key pre-distribution, BIBD, network security.

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