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Modeling and Analysis of Link Stability in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Xiaolong Li and Qing-An Zeng

In this paper, a novel model to analyze the link stability in mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) is proposed. In the proposed analytical model, between each communicating pair, one node is considered to be stationary while the other moves relative to it. With this method, the mobility models defined in this paper can be approximated as a fluid flow model. Using the well known result of the fluid flow model, an analytical model for the link duration is obtained, which is used to obtain the link holding time and the link breaking probability of a communicating pair. The distribution of path duration and the path breaking probability are also obtained by extending the models of the link duration and the link breaking probability. The accuracy of the analytical models is validated through simulations under different mobility models with various settings of the mobility parameters.

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