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Controlling and Synchronizing the Spatiotemporal Chaos of Photorefractive Ring Oscillators with Nonlinear Feedback
X. Chen, X. Feng, Z. Yao and Z. Tian

We demonstrate that chaos can be controlled and converted into periodic behaviour in photorefractive ring oscillator via nonlinear feedback and find that the period number differs on the account of the feedback strength. By increasing the feedback strength the photorefractive ring oscillator is converted into period 8 and subsequently into period 4, 2, and 1. Nonlinear feedback is suitable for both the photorefractive ring oscillator system and spatiotemporal system. Spatiotemporal chaos can be controlled into stable periodic states and stable spatial patterns if we choose suitable feedback strength. Furthermore, we present the synchronization of spatiotemporal chaos in two photorefractive ring oscillator systems via nonlinear feedback technology. The synchronization of spatiotemporal chaos can be achieved by adjusting the feedback strength without any pre-knowledge of the dynamic system. Numerical calculation results show that weak noise has a slight impact on synchronization, so nonlinear feedback technology is suitable in practical photorefractive ring oscillator systems.

Keywords: Photorefractive ring oscillator, spatiotemporal chaos, feedback, chaos control and synchronization

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