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Propagation of a Gaussian-Schell Model Beam Array Through Atmospheric Turbulence in a Slanted Path
T.G. Zhao, Z.H. Yang and G.H. Wu

A one-dimensional (1-D) beam array consists of off-axis Gaussian-Schell model (GSM) beams is studied. Based on the extended Huygens-Fresnel principle, the analytical expressions for the average intensity, the meansquared beam width and the far-field angular spread of the GSM beam array propagating through atmospheric turbulence in a slanted path are derived. Results show that the beam width broadening can be improved by choosing a proper optical wavelength, initial waist width and correlation length of the source. With the increasing number of the individual beams which compose the array, the far-field angular spread will increase. The conclusion is exact the opposite when the propagation happened in free space atmosphere.

Keywords: Laser beam, beam array, turbulence, slanted path, Gaussian-Schell model (GSM), Huygens-Fresnel principle, far-field angular spread

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