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Construction of a Dynamic Adaptive Optics (AO) System Based on the Subspace Identification
H-Q. Lin, P. Yang, B. Xu, K-J. Yang and L-H. Wen

Adaptive optics (AO) systems have been used in many applications such as ground-based astronomical telescopes for improving the resolution by counteracting the effects of atmospheric turbulence; however, the traditional AO system model is not good at dealing with noise interference in the closed-loop correction. This paper proposes a subspace system identification method based on errors-in-variables (EIV) to build an accurate dynamic model of AO system from measurement data with closed-loop system identification. Experimental simulation results show that the root mean squares (RMS) of the residual wavefront is obviously smaller than that of the traditional method, whether background light noise and camera readout noise exist or not. We can conclude that the identified model has good accuracy and noise disturbance compensation ability to deal with dynamic wavefront correction compared with traditional method.

Keywords: Adaptive optics (AO

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