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Pratik Shukla

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the inaugural Volume 1, Issue 1 of a new scholarly journal: The International Journal of Peening Science and Technology. The Journal is focused on the wide range of peening techniques for strengthening conventional and new materials from theoretical aspects to application-dependent studies and the validation of emerging science and technologies. Surface engineering without the use of permanent/long-term coatings has become increasingly vital and strengthening materials have always been a requirement for industrial parts. With that said, a wide range of peening techniques have proven successful over the years, and so, this new journal is envisioned and founded to represent the growing needs of material strengthening methods and emerging science via peening techniques and related methodologies.

The mission of the International Journal of Peening Science and Technology is to become the voice of the whole of the peening community, addressing researchers and practitioners at all career levels in application areas ranging from aerospace, automotive, nuclear, general engineering to biomedical engineering and more. It will achieve this by providing an international and multidisciplinary forum for the exchange of the science, technology, developments and applications surrounding not only the wide variety of peening techniques currently available, but the new techniques to be developed in the years to come. Emphasis is placed on both the theoretical and practical contributions in relation to the methods, technologies, new applications/ materials, and evaluates results and developments of enhanced solutions, new experimental methods and associated phenomena.

This first issue of the journal comprises of articles focused on laser shock peening with and without coating, and cavitation peening, demonstrating the background science and material effects that the processes exhibit. These papers are novel and have been submitted by renowned researchers in the field. I am very thankful to everybody within that community who supported the idea of creating a new journal and I am certain that this very first issue will be followed by many others, reporting new developments in the respective fields within the scope of the journal.

This issue would not have been possible without the great support of the Editorial Board members at every stage of the journal’s development, I would like to express my sincere thanks to all of them. I would also like to sincerely, express my gratitude to the invited reviewers of the International Journal of Peening Science and Technology, who provided invaluable reviews for the submitted manuscripts. Special thanks also go out to the staff of Old City Publishing for the guidance and support that has been provided since the very beginning of this new venture. It is hoped that this fine collection of articles will be a valuable resource and forum for authors, readers and will stimulate further research into this vibrant area of academic and industrial research that we work in.

October 2017
Pratik Shukla

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