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Simulation Investigation on Reinforced Concrete by Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer
K. Essaadaoui, M. Ait EL Fqih, B. Kissi, C. Guemimi, M. Idiri and B. Boubeker

In this study, we present a static finite element study of reinforced concrete beam reinforced by steel fibers subjected to a load of 500 kN. Preliminary results in term of simulation using a code-program (Abaqus) are presented. The use of reinforced fiber in civil engineering is increasing rapidly and various type of fiber is used such as glass, carbon and steel. The material model was simulated in Abaqus finite element package and is capable of developing the stress-strain curves. The beam was loaded in three-points. The mechanical properties of the steel and the concrete used in our simulation were obtained from the data of the literature. The results obtained in terms of constraints and displacements are discussed. By this study, we intend to contribute to a better understanding stress-strain by using steel fiber as reinforcement in concrete beam. By this work, we contribute to more understanding of the component of stress and strain law using an experimental study that was further verified by a numerical study to eventually predict to what extent a reinforced concrete structure can resist in the elastic mode.

Keywords: Steel fibers, concrete beam, finite element, stress, strain, strengthening

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