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An Experimental Investigation of Pool Film Boiling from Spheres to Saturated Liquid Alternative Refrigerants
K.C. Leong and C.P. Tso

Transport Phenomena during Piloted Ignition of Wood
B. Moghtaderi, V. Novozhilov and D.F. Fletcher

Numerical Study on Thermal Transport Phenomena in Turbulent Parallel Couette Flows in a Concentric Annulus
S. Torii

Quasilinearization Method for a Laminar Flow of a Non-Newtonian Fluid Near a Porous Wedge
A. Desseaux

The Different Mechanisms of the Energy Transfers in Weakly Compressible Turbulence
F. Bataille, Y. Zhou and J.P. Bertoglio

Simultaneous Measurement of Particle Behavior and Heat Transfer Characteristics around a Horizontal Circular Tube in a Fluidized Bed
M. Miyamoto, R. Jin, F. Irhan, Y. Katoh and J. Kurima

Flow Resistance Correlation of Wire Nets for Thermal Design of Electronic Equipment
M. Ihizuka, H. Iwasaki, K. Hisano and D. Biswas