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Developments in the Analysis of Finned Arrays
A.D. Kraus

InP Solution Growth by Travelling Heater Method — Marangoni Convection and Crystal Growth
S. Matsumoto and T. Maekawa

An Axisymmetry-breaking Instability of Axially Symmetric Natural Convection
A. Yu Gelfgat, P.Z. Bar-Yoseph, A. Solan and T.A. Kowalewski

Analysis of Particle Deposition and Radiative Heat Transfer around a Cylinder in a Cross-flow
C.H. Jung, K.H. Lee, M. Choi and J.S. Lee

Effect of Boundary Conditions on Natural Convection in an Enclosure
N. Ramesh, C. Balaji and S.P. Venkateshan