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Numerical Modelling as a Possible Analysing Tool for Coupling of a Waste Incinerator to an Existing Lignite Fired Boiler
Ioana Ionel, Dan Paul Oprisa-Stanescu, Corneliu Ungureanu, Sadanari Mochizuki and Adina P. Cirtog

Waste is nowadays an important resource, which might be transformed into energy by combustion. It might be fuelled independently in a waste incinerator, when special units have to clean up the flue gases, in order to meet the special limits concerning the admitted exhaust pollutant gases. Another possibility consists of coupling the incinerator to a coal-fired boiler already equipped with all necessary equipment to control the pollutants. The paper focuses on a study case for an existing steam boiler that is receiving flue gases from the waste incinerator. Numerical modelling using the FLUENT code, concerning the reaction of the boiler versus different alternatives of input gases from the previous coupled waste incinerator, tests different versions.

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