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Correlation and Prediction of Low Density Ne-H2 Gas Transport Coefficients
Mohammad Mehdi Papari, Jalil Moghadasi, Fakhri Yousefi, Ali Boushehri and Behzad Haghighi

This paper addresses a detailed procedure for analyzing a corresponding states cor-relation of the viscosity in terms of the pair unlike interaction potential energy of the Ne-H2 gas mixture using the inversion method. The calculated potential energy is compared with the Buckingham-Corner (BC) and exp-6 models potential proposed by others. Rather accurate correlations for the interaction viscosity and binary diffusion coefficients which embrace the temperature range of 200 K < T < 3273 15 K are reproduced from the inverted potential energy. Also, the calculated potential energy is used to compute other remaining transport properties. The accuracies are of the order of 2% for the viscosities, 3% for the thermal conductivity, 4% for binary diffusion coefficient, and 5% for the thermal diffusion factors. Finally, the predicted transport properties have been compared with those computed from the BC model potential. The close agreement between the predicted and literature transport properties demonstrates the predictive power of this scheme.

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