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Effect of Sub-cavity on Cavity–induced Pressure Oscillations in Supersonic Flow
Shigeru Matsuo, MD. Mahbubulalam, Tae Hun Kim, Toshiaki Setoguchi and Heuy Dong Kim

A computational investigation has been conducted to determine the effect of a passive control technique on cavity-induced pressure oscillations in a two-dimensional supersonic flow at Mach number 1.83 at the cavity entrance. The passive control technique is achieved by fitting a sub-cavity at the upstream region near the front wall of a square cavity. The results showed a very good attenuation of oscillations. The resultant amount of attenuation of pressure oscillations was dependent on the length of leading edge plate and also on the depth of the sub-cavity used as oscillation suppressors.

Keywords: Compressible flow, Supersonic cavity, Cavity-induced oscillations, Passive control, Sub-cavity, Simulation.

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