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Large Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Heat Transfer in Stationary Channels with Dimples, Protrusions, and Ribs
A. Murata, S. Mochizuki, C. Nakamata and Y. Okita

The effects of dimples, protrusions, and ribs on turbulent heat transfer were numerically investigated by using the large eddy simulation with a Lagrangian dynamic subgrid-scale model. The dimpled case gave the high heat transfer area in downstream half of the dimple and also in the downstream region behind the dimple. By adding the ribs on the dimpled walls, the heat transfer was further enhanced. On the other hand, the protrusions deteriorated the heat transfer due to the severe contraction caused by their height.

Keywords: Heat transfer enhancement, dimpled surface, large eddy simulation, gas turbine, rotor blade cooling

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