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Simulation and Evaluation of Single-Blow Method for Heat Transfer Performance of Fin-Tube Heat Exchangers
G.D. Song and K. Nishino

Computations have been carried out to clarify the transient and conjugate heat transfer phenomena assumed in the single-blow method (SBM). Both simple rectangular duct and compact fin-tube heat exchanger with winglet vortex generators (VGs) are considered for the evaluation. The heat transfer coefficient given by the SBM is found to be close to the steady heat transfer coefficient determined under the constant wall temperature (CWT) as a boundary condition. It is also found that the rate of heat transfer enhancement for the CWT boundary condition can be determined by the SBM with an accuracy of better than 5% for the present conditions.

Keywords: Heat exchanger, transient heat transfer, conjugate heat transfer, heat transfer performance, single-blow method, computational fluid dynamics.

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