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A Study on Computation and Validation of the Water-Cooled Thermal Management System for a Desktop PC
Jyh-Tong Teng, Jiann-Cheng Chu, Chien-Chen Liu, Chun-Yen Chen and Shih-Cheng Tseng

This study used three sets of in-house designed and manufactured heat dissipation cold plates (designed by Pro-E 3-D graphic software and fabricated by a CNC machine) in conjunction with a recirculation loop using water as the working fluid to determine the thermal management of an Intel chip. In addition, a computation fluid dynamics (CFD) software ICEPAK 4.0 (Fluent 2003) was used for the numerical study of the thermal management loop, followed by the comparison of the results obtained by the two methodologies. Results obtained from this study indicated that the water-cooled system has a much superior heat removal capability than the air-cooled one.

Keywords: Cold Plates, Thermal Resistance,Water-Cooled System, CFD.

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