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An Experimental Investigation of Air Dehumidification in Louver Fin and Tube Heat Exchangers
Thanh-Long Phan and Keun-Sun Chang

An experimental study was conducted to investigate the effect of the tube row, fin spacing and inlet humidity on air-side heat and mass transfer performance of louvered fin-and-tube heat exchangers in dehumidifying conditions. The test results indicate that the effect of fin pitch on heat transfer performance is negligible with three row heat exchangers. The change in relative humidity does not affect the sensible heat transfer. Meanwhile, the mass transfer performances are slightly decreased with increase of relative humidity. The effect of fin pitch on mass transfer was found that decrease of mass transfer performance for a dense fin pitch. The present data in this work were compared with exiting correlations.

Keywords: Heat exchangers, Heat and mass transfer, Louver fin, Dehumidification, Evaporator.

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