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Transport of Charge Between Zero-dimensional Nanostructures
Karel Král

The transport of electrons is an important phenomenon in the systems like interacting quantum dots and molecules, and in polymers, including DNA molecules. We expect that in these nanostructure systems the key role is played by the interaction of the charge carriers with the optical phonons. In particular, it is sown that the activationless character of the temperature dependence of the electric conduction of DNA molecule can be due to the multiple scattering of electrons on the molecular vibrations. The charge carrier transport based on this mechanism will be discussed theoretically and compared with the earlier experimental results. A connection to a popular semiclassical charge transfer theory is also discussed. Nonequilibrium quantum electronic transport theory based on the nonequilibrium Green’s functions will be used.

Keywords: electron transfer, nanostructures, electron-phonon interaction, DNA molecule, Marcus theory.

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