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Diffusion and Reaction in Nanostructured Sulfated Zirconias: A Transient Tap Study
Cornelia Breitkopf, Matthias Galinsky and Michal Lutecki

Transient TAP (temporal analysis of products) measurements have been performed for the first time on nanostructured hierarchical sulfated zirconias prepared by a template-assisted route. The newly designed catalytic materials showed an unexpected high catalytic activity in the n-butane isomerization. The tailored pore systems had a significant influence on the diffusion properties of reactant and product molecules thus influencing the microkinetics. The calculation of heats of adsorption from temperature dependent TAP measurements was further improved by the implementation of two different adsorption sites representing the complex sorption of alkanes on sulfated zirconias more adequately compared to the common one-centre model..

Keywords: Transient measurements, diffusion in porous media, sulfated zirconia, Temporal analysis of products

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