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Numerical Simulation of a Rectangular Jet by the Vortex in Cell Method
Tomomi Uchiyama, Masahiro Kobayashi, Shouichiro Iio, Toshihiko Ikeda and Yutaro Yoshii

This study is concerned with the large eddy simulation (LES) for a jet issuing from a rectangular nozzle. The Vortex in Cell (VIC) method, of which computational accuracy was heightened by the authors in a prior study, is used for the simulation. The aspect ratio of the nozzle cross-section is 15, and the Reynolds number based on the shorter side length of the nozzle is 6700. The simulation highlights that the turbulence statistics, such as the mean velocity and the turbulence intensity, are favorably compared with the corresponding experimental results. The appearance of large-scale eddies due to the instability of the shear layer originating from the nozzle edges, the collapse of the eddies, and the subsequent development of the turbulent flow are also successfully grasped by the simulation. These demonstrate that the employed VIC method is indeed applicable to jet simulation.

Keywords: Jet, Numerical simulation, Vortex in cell method, LES, Vortical structure, Shear Layer.

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