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On The Partition Function of a hydrocyclone Considering The Collective Sedimentation In a Polydisperse Suspension
J. Dueck, Th. Neesse and L. Minkov

This paper is dedicated the investigation of a transport of particles via collective sedimentation of a dense polydisperse suspension in a rotating fluid flow in application to the separation of a hydrocyclone.

The following effects are considered: hindered settling due to an increased “effective” density and viscosity of the fluid, counter flow of the displaced fluid caused by settling particles and entrainment of fine particles in the boundary layer of coarse settling particles.

The results can be summarised as following:

Accounting the interaction of particles in a polidisperse suspension can explain the non-monotonic character of the separation curve (the Fish-Hook-effect) by the deviation of the particles’ sedimentation rate from the law of Stokes.

Keywords: hydrocyclone, Fish-Hook-effect, analytical expressions

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