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Programmable Fragrance By Manipulation And Releasing Of Essential Oil Droplets On An Electro-Microfluidic Platform
Wei-Kai Huang, Yi-Ting Lo and Shih-Kang Fan

We present an electro-microfluidic (EMF) platform capable of manipulations of essential oil droplets and releasing of the fragrance. Different essential oil droplets, including orange, rosewood and clove, representing top, middle and base notes of the fragrance, respectively, with the volume of 40 nL were individually generated and mixed at an arbitrary ratio by the dielectrophoresis force between two parallel plates of the EMF platform. The mixture of the essential oil was then released to the atmosphere by resistive heating at a programmable evaporation rate. Due to the tiny volume of the manipulated essential oil droplets, precise and adjustable fragrance can be produced and released along with time.

Keywords: Electro-microfluidic platform, dielectrophoresis, microheater, essential oil, droplet, fragrance

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