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The Piezo-Poppet Valve in Steady Flow: A Computational Fluid Mechanics Study
W.A. Bullough and S.B. Chin

An Analysis of the Steady Shape of a Bubble in an Electric Field
M.C. Zaghdoudi and M. Lallemand

Large Eddy Simulation with a Dynamic Subgrid-Scale Model of Turbulent Heat Transfer in an Orthogonally Rotating Smooth Square Duct
A. Murata and S. Mochizuki

A Second Order Accurate Interfacial Heat Transfer Algorithm
S.B. Chin, J. Beech and K. Chang

The Effects of Nozzle Spacing on the Development of Two Parallel Plane Jets
A. Nasr and J.C.S. Lai

Heat Transfer in Rotating Cavities with Radial Throughflow
H. Saitoh, S. Mochizuki and A. Murata