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Melting in a Finned Enclosure with the Base at Constant Heat Rate Condition: An Experimental Study
F.L. Tan

An Experimental Investigation on Flow Boiling Heat Transfer Characteristics of HFC32/HFC134A Mixtures in a Horizontal Tube
M. Chen, P.-W. Li, W. Li, and W.-Q. Tao

Study on the Effect of the Difference in Ice Structure on Melting Process Using Constant-pressure Molecular Dynamics Method
C. Kang, S. Okawa and A. Saito

Buoyancy Effects on the Flow and Heat Transfer Characteristics of an Impinging Semi-confined Laminar Slot Jet
M.A. Rady

An Accurate Analysis of Heat Transfer Performance of Extended Surfaces in Moist Air Flow
B. Abramzon and M. Shmurak

Numerical Study of Laminar Mixed Convection from a Vertical Plate
C.G. Rao, C. Balaji and S.P. Venkateshan