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Electrically Induced Deformation and Marangoni Convection in Melt Droplets Under Microgravity
S.P. Song and B.Q. Li

Evaluation of the Heat Transfer Coefficient during Hot-jet Impingement Using an Inverse Method with Regularization Parameter Optimization
S.K. Kim, B.Y. Koo and W.I. Lee

Effects of Dissolution on Thermosolutal Convection in Non-Isothermal Binary Metallic Systems
A.A. Boral and F.B. Cheung

Fouling in Membrane Distillation
J.S. Chiou, C.C. Wu and J.R. Maa

Effects of Acoustic Excitation on the Combustion and Pollution Emission Characteristics of a Jet Flame
Y.-C. Chao, D.-C. Wu and C.-H. Tsai