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Successive Spherical Rings Arithmetic Progression Dividing Discrete Ordinates Method and Its Comparison with TN Set
B.-W. Li, J.-H. Zhou, X.-Y. Cao, and K.-F. Cen

A Numerical Scheme for the Simulation of Interfacial Waves on a Falling Liquid Film
R. Mertz, R. Kulenovic and M. Groll

Investigation of Heat Transfer and Visualization of Evaporation Phenomena from Enhance heat Exchanger Tubes
R. Mertz, R. Kulenovic and M. Groll

Characteristics of Microsegregation During the Conduction-dominated Directional Casting of Aluminum-Copper Alloys
H. Yoo

Models for General Phase Change Phenomena Affected by Applying an Electric Field
Y.Y. Yan

Further Contributions on the Generalized Fourier’s Law
L. Wang