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Effect of Cross-flow Temperature Distribution on Heat Transfer in Cylinder Array
R. Matsumoto, I Ishihara, S. Kikkawa, M. Senda and K. Nishigaki

Investigation of the Diffusion Boundary Layer in a Free Surface Flow with Solidification
A.V. Kuznetsov

Thermal Analysis of Plate-fin Crossflow Heat Exchanger Including Three Fluid Streams with Different Arrangements
H.-S. Kou and P. Yuan

Pressure Drop and Flooding During Reflux Condensation of Steam in an Inclined Elliptical Tube
P.D. Schoenfeld and D.G. Kroger

Convective Heat Transfer of Binary Mixtures Under Flow Boiling Conditions
E.V. McCassey, Jr., and S.G. Kandlika

Laminar Natural Convection in Cavities Filled with Low Prandtl Number Fluids
M.R. Dhanasekaran, S.K. Das and S.P. Venkateshan