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Guest Editorial
Ching-Pang Lee, Daniel L. Vrable, Sahas Bunditkul, Jong H. Wang, Graig J. Hoff, K. David Huang, Herchang Ay

Heat Transfer Models for Practical Cooling Applications
Ibrahim Dincer

Three-dimensional Transient Radiative Conductive Heat Transfer Analysis in Vacuum Furnaces Heated by Radiant Tube Burners
Akeno Mochida, Kazuhiko Kudo, Yasunobu Mizutani, Masao Hattori and Yasuhisa Nakamura

Computational Solutions and Experimental Analysis of Transient Forced Convection in Ducts
S. Kakac, C.A.C. Santos, M.R. Avelino and R.M. Cotta

Flow and Heat Transfer Induced by Rows of Hemispherical Cavities
Y.-L. Lin and T.I-P. Shih

Optimal Placement of Cooling Flow Tubes in a Wall Heated from the Side
Paul G.A. Cizman and Adrian Bejan

Visualization of Flow and Temperature Fields in a Water Vessel with a Partition
Shigeaki Inada and Jun Song

Propagation Phenomena during Symmetrical Collision of Thermal Waves in Thin Films
Shuichi Torii

Heat Transfer in Nucleate Boiling of Binary Refrigerant Mixtures
Yasunobu Fujita and Masayuki Tsutsui

Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer Characteristics with Two Circular Cylinders Forming a Cross
Shou-Shing Hsieh

Composite Material Technology to Enhance Boiling Heat Transfer Performance
Daniel L. Vrable

Transient Heating of Two-dimensional Semitransparent Solids by Radiation during Processing
Jongmook Lim and Raymond Viskanta

Microscale Heat and Mass Transfer in Cryopreservation of Living Tissues and Organs
Ichiro Tanasawa

Herringbone Grooves for Pumping Sealing of Lubricant in Vertical Hydrodynamic Journal Bearing
S.H. Winoto, Q.D. Zhang, Joyce P.Y. Tan, Z.Q. Hon and C.C. Rondonuwu

Numerical Simulation of Jet Impingement/Channel Flow Cooling of an Array of Heated Strips by a Fluorinert Liquid
Masud Behnia, Jan Pralits and Wataru Nakayama

Mechanistic Model for Nucleate Pool Boiling Heat Transfer Coefficients in Multicomponent Liquids
Stephen M. Bajorek and John R. lloyd