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Design for Manufacturability of Natural Convection Cooled Heat Sinks
Avram Bar-Cohen, Madhusudan Iyengar and Saifallah Benjaafar

The development of cost-effective heat sinks for microelectronic applications involves the achievement of a subtle balance between the thermal design, for maximum heat rejection, and “design for manufacturability,” for lowest material and manufacturing costs. This process yields the “optimum” fin shape, fin aspect ratio, and fin spacing. In this study, design expressions for optimal lateral spacing, of isothermal rectangular plate, triangular plate, and cylindrical pin arrays in natural convection that maximizes array heat transfer, have been empirically derived. Minimization of heat sink mass is then achieved through the astute use of optimally spaced, least-material fins. The preferred array geometries are then subjected to manufacturability constraints and a “Thermoeconomic Design for Manufacturability” methodology is demonstrated using a relevant example.

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