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Double Diffusive Convection in Binary Gases due to Opposing Horizontal Thermal and Solutal Gradients
Katsuyoshi Kamakura, Hiroyuke Ozoe and TH.H. Van Der Meer

The natural convection of air in a square cavity with horizontal temperature and concentration gradients which give opposing buoyancy forces near the vertical walls was studied numerically. Computations were carried out by a finite volume method at the Prandtl number Pr=0.71, the aspect ratio A=1, the Rayleigh number Ra=107 or 108, the various Lewis numbers Le and the various buoyancy ratios N. The inversion profile of concentration was formed at N<1, and that of temperature at N>1 independently of Le. The collision of thermal and solutal flows occurred at N=1. In the case of Le=5, a three-layered convection which consists of a thermal flow(middle) and two solutal flows (top and bottom) was formed at N=1.5, 2 and 3, and a concentration stratified layers were formed at N=5.

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