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Influence of Boundary Conditions on Water Natural Convection in a Square Cavity
E.V. Kalabin and P.T. Zubkov

Steady and unsteady solutions in the problem of natural convection of water near its density maximum (about 4ºC) in square cavities with three cases of boundary conditions and with the fixed Grashof number (Gr = 2.105) are considered. The ratio of heat exchange areas for the studied cases of boundary conditions is 1:2:4. The influence of heat transfer area increasing on convection motion is investigated. The following solutions are obtained: three steady and one unsteady solutions are realized in the first case; two steady and two unsteady solutions can be obtained in the second case; and only two unsteady solutions exist in the third case. All the solutions are studied in detail. The most intensive movement is in the second case of studied boundary conditions, but the largest heat flux per area unit is in the first case.

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