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Natural Convection of Liquid Metal in a Cube with Seebeck Effect Under a Magnetic Field
Masayuki Kaneda, Toshio Tagawa and Hiroyuki Ozoe

Natural convection of liquid metal in a cubic enclosure heated from one vertical wall and cooled from an opposing vertical wall was studied with considering the Seebeck effect under a horizontal lateral magnetic field parallel to the heated and cooled walls. The Seebeck effect or thermoelectric effect means that the electric current is induced due to temperature difference between connecting points of two metals. This effect may be also induced between liquid and solid boundaries of metal. Three different magnitudes of the dimensionless Seebeck coefficient, Sf = 0, –15 and –30 were studied for the Hartmann number equal to 200 and 400 to clarify the contribution of the effect. When the Seebeck effect was considered, the electric current was induced horizontally from the cold wall to the hot wall for the present system and the Lorentz force worked downward for the liquid metal to produce upward flow even along the vertical cold wall.

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