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Integral Analysis of Hydrodynamics and Mass Transfer in a Radial Cross Flow Ultrafiltration System under Laminar Flow
P. Ragesh, K. Sreenivas, S. Dasgupta and S. De

The detailed hydrodynamics and mass transport through a membrane under cross flow ultrafiltration in a radial flow cell are studied. The flow is considered to be laminar. Simplifying flow assumption, such as fully developed flow is not assumed. The analysis is carried out for developing hydrodynamic and concentration boundary layers. The integral method is adopted for the solution of the governing equations. The effects of suction on the velocity profiles, entry length, etc. are investigated. The numerical solution of the coupled hydrodynamic and mass balance equations is used to predict the performance of the ultrafiltration process. The results from the model are successfully compared with literature data. The effects of various operating parameters on the permeate flux and permeate concentration are investigated in detail.

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