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Large-Scale Plasma Polymer Coating on Heat Exchanger Fins for Improving the Wettability
Ki-Hwan Kim, Dae Hwan Yeu, Samshul Ha, Seok-Keun Koh

This research presents the results of the recently developed large-scale hydrophilic polymer coating by plasma polymerization, optimum plasma zone (OPZ) process. The excellent hydrophilicity of heat exchanger fin surface could give good effects to efficient drainage of condensate water as well as heat transfer performance. The hydrophilicity of layer treated by large-scale OPZ system is excellent irrespective of line speed from 0.6 m/min to 2.4 m/min. The good lateral uniformity of the hydrophilicity could be acquired in large scale OPZ treatment. The application of OPZ technique to the heat exchanger could enhance the efficiency of heat transfer, resulting from decrease of pressure drop. Due to long-term durability of hydrophilicity, the heat transfer performance improved by OPZ process cannot be deteriorated with operation cycle.

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