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Modeling of Turbulent Cross Flow Membrane Filtration in a Radial Cell
P. Ragesh, K. Sreenivas, S. Dasgupta and S. De

The flux decline phenomena and the extent of concentration polarization during the osmotic pressure controlled cross flow ultrafiltration are studied in a radial flow cell. Turbulent flow conditions are considered. A detailed comprehensive mathematical treatment for the hydrodynamic as well as the solute concentration distribution has been undertaken for the complex flow in a radial cell. The analysis assumes the fully developed turbulent flow. The velocity profile, as proposed by van Driest for the turbulent flow, is assumed. The concentration boundary layer is assumed to be developing. An integral method has been adopted for the solution of the governing mass balance equation to predict the performance of the filtration process. A parametric study has been undertaken to observe the effects of various operating parameters on the permeate flux and permeate concentration.

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