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Experimental and Theoretical Study on Suspended Particle Motion in Axially Rotating Drum
Shuichi Torii, Satoyuki Tanaka, Toshiaki Yano and Yoshimi Watanabe

The purpose of the present study is to disclose particle motion moving in a mixture of molten metal and solid particles in the axially rotating casting drum. The particle motions in cold model made of acrylic are recorded by CCD camera set in the drum and based on its digital data, the particle velocity is obtained by use of PTV (Particle Tracing Velocimetry) method. The measured velocity is compared with the theoretical one estimated by BBO (Basset-Boussinesq-Ossen) equation. It is found that (i) particle motion in the rotating drum is captured by use of cold model centrifugal casting, (ii) particle location in the radial direction and its particle velocity agree with the theoretical results obtained by the BBO equation, and (iii) when the particle moves in the Stokes’ regime, its velocity is linearly increased with the distance from the center of the drum.

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