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Active Management of a Stronger Wall Jet by a Streamwise Vortex
S. Mochizuki, S. Yamada and H. Osaka

Turbulence management was applied to a plane wall jet with a streamwise vortex generated by a half-delta wing mounted on the tunnel wall. By introducing periodic perturbation, streamwise vorticity contours become more flattened and have a longer spanwise radius. The development rate of the spanwise radius is increased by periodic perturbation in the initial stage. The increase rate of the streamwise momentum flux is larger in the case of the stationary wing, in which the maximum value of the streamwise vorticity is larger. It is assumed that circulation has temporal variation and that the spanwise vortex path is oscillated by the periodic perturbation. The magnitude of the negative Reynolds shear stress in the outer layer is slightly increased over the spanwise positions at which the streamwise vortex induces upward convective flow.

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